Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Starting Out

Probably the most intimidating part of starting something when you're ADHD is figuring out where to start. People say, "Well, just start at the beginning." But where is the beginning? Is it the beginning of my day? The beginning of the month? Beginning of the year? Beginning of time? Where is the beginning? Where is the start? And where was I going with this?

Oh right, I'm starting something and trying to figure out where to start at. So I guess I'll make my own start and start with the title of this entire blog. So let's rewind and start from there.

The ADHD Writer. Based off of this, you can probably postulate that I am ADHD. And if you didn't...well, I'll go ahead and make the statement: I'm ADHD. I was officially diagnosed when I was 11-12, but my parents will tell you they were seeing symptoms as far back as Kindergarten. Even my second grade teacher (of whom remains to be the only public school teacher I ever loved, although first grade wasn't bad either) told my parents that she was seeing something she couldn't put a finger on. Since then, I only went through fourth and fifth grade of public school before my parents took me out and homeschooled me from that point on (I was homeschooled in third grade too, but we moved to a small town in Montana, so I was put back in). Now, I'm a 24-year-old ADHD college student majoring in Communications.

And I'm rambling. Sorry about that.

For those who might ask: no, I'm not on medication. Most likely why I ramble a lot and I end up editing entire paragraphs of my writing. I was medication in the beginning, Concerta to be exact. It worked too; so much so, it practically turned me into a zombie. After that, my parents and I agreed that we would just manage my ADHD through diet and watching what I put into my body, such as caffeine, sugar, etc.

So that's my back story. I'm a 24-year-old college student with ADHD and a laptop (and a smartphone). That should totally be my moniker...yeah, I'm making that my moniker.

As for the content of this blog, it'll be where I talk (write?) about being an ADHD writer, how I find my beginnings to my projects, and my constant overuse of commas and parentheses because it's how my brain talks (and constant editing because of it) (See what I mean?). Post some short stories and most likely some metas of Supernatural or Marvel or whatever fandom I'm into. I'll also probably randomly post about the many different interests I have from horses, the paranormal, books, and any existential thought tandems about the time/space continuum that wake me up at 3 am.

In short, this blog is about an ADHD writer making her own journey in the world. So if I haven't scared you off yet, then buckle up. Those time/space continuum existential tandems are coming.

And yes, I am keenly aware of lame that was. I cringed while writing that. But like with beginnings, I can't find endings. Perhaps its because nothing really ever ends? So we're not supposed to have endings? Just a constant flow of journeys and adventures that overlap each other and never completely end?

...And there's your existential thought process for the day. I'll just stop while I'm ahead.